Upcoming Events

Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners at Central Michigan University

The Mid Michigan Digital Practitioners (MMDP) will convene for its next workshop and meeting on November 1st & 2nd at Central Michigan University.  The Program is now available here and registration is still open. Join us for another great Fall lineup!

For information about this past Spring’s MMDP-Michigan Academic Library Association Pre-conference event at Michigan State University, view the Past Events page.

The Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners’ Code of Conduct can be found at the following link.

Current members of the planning team are Richard Adler, Jenny Brandon, Melinda Isler, Liz Gadelha, Elisa Landaverde, Dallas Pillen, Matt Schultz, and Bryan Whitledge.

For further information, please email us at midmichdp-at-gmail-dot-com.